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Electricity and Magnetism

5A - Electrostatics

5B - Electric Fields and Potential

5C - Capacitance

5D - Resistance

5E - Electromotive Force and Current

5F - DC Circuits

5G - Magnetic Materials

5H - Magnetic Fields and Forces

5J - Inductance

5K - Electromagnetic Induction

5L - AC Circuits

5M - Semiconductors and Tubes

5N - Electromagnetic Radiation

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5A 10.10 - Glass and Plastic Rods with Silk and Fur
Demonstrates: Electrostatics.
Description: Rubbing the rod with silk or fur charges the rod which then attracts the rod on the stand.
5A 10.20 - Electrophorus
Demonstrates: Charge transfer and storage.
Description: A charge can be created by hand and stored for later use.
5A 20.10 - Spin Electroscope
Demonstrates: Electric fields.
Description: Bringing a charged rod near one of the needles causes it to start spinning.
5A 20.20 - Pith Ball Electroscope
Demonstrates: Positive and negative charges.
Description: Charge is transferred to the balls which then repel each other.
5A 20.30 - Suspended Copper Rod
Demonstrates: Electrostatics.
Description: The copper rod is attracted by the glass rod and repelled by the plastic rod.
5A 22.20 - Projected Electroscope
Demonstrates: Electrostatics.
Description: Foil leaf in electroscope is deflected when a charge is put on the top sphere.
5A 40.10 - Charge Transfer Spheres
Demonstrates: Charge transference.
Description: A charge can be transferred to these hollow spheres.
5A 40.20 - Braun Electroscope
Demonstrates: Charge detection.
Description: Vane is deflected by a charge.
5A 40.40 - Hollow Globe
Demonstrates: Faraday's Ice Pail experiment showing elctrostatic charge only resides on the outside of a conductor.
Description: Sphere is charged then you can measure the charges inside and out.
5A 40.50 - Electrostatic Wind Test
Demonstrates: Interaction of electric charges that are at rest.
Description: An electron "wind" causes a flame to be deflected when the generator is on.
5A 40.60 - Charge Balance
Demonstrates: Attraction and repulsion of charge.
Description: The charged rod is either attracted or repulsed and an imbalance occurs.
5A 40.70 - Charge Chimes
Demonstrates: Conduction of a charge.
Description: One bell hangs from a chain while the other hangs by monofilament. When charge is applied the bell rings.
5A 40.80 - Charged Can 'O Worms
Demonstrates: Transfer of charge.
Description: A charge can be transferred to the cans and then detected by an electroscope.
5A 50.10 - Wimshurst Machine
Demonstrates: Electrostatics.
Description: Unit produces a charge that is stored in a Leyden jar.
5A 50.30 - Van de Graaff Generator
Demonstrates: Positive and negative charges.
Description: The generator top becomes charged which can be transferred to another object.