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8A - Planetary Astronomy

8B - Stellar Astronomy

8C - Cosmology

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8A 10.10 - Heliocentric Model
Demonstrates: Planets revolving around the Sun.
Description: A simple model of our solar system.
8A 10.25 - Sun, Moon & Earth
Demonstrates: Phases of the moon
Description: Wireless camera is the earth (POV), the moon is a globe that rotate around each other with a fixed light source (sun) at some given distance. As the moon and earth roatate phases of the moon against the light source can be seen.
8A 10.30 - Bag of Planets
8A 10.30 - Bag of Planets
Demonstrates: Scale of the Planets and Solar System Description: This is a scale model of the solar system that can be discussed in class to give some indication of relative sizes of planets and planetary orbits. Start with Jupiter being the size of a tennis ball, then scale other planets to match. Sun ends up as a yellow beach ball.
Description: Body Diameter Dist_from_Sun Object diam dist (R_E) (AU) (cm) (m) Sun 110 0 beach ball 62 0 Mercury 0.38 0.387 gray bead 0.2 25 m (entry) Venus 0.95 0.723 white marble 0.5 47 m (bike racks) Earth 1 1 blue marble 0.6 66 m (picnic table) Mars 0.53 1.52 small marble 0.3 100 m (ECE) Jupiter 11.2 5.2 tennis ball 6.3 340 m (duck pond) Saturn 9.4 9.59 ping-pong ball 5.3 630 m (PandA) Uranus 4.0 19.2 big marble 2.2 1.3 km (isotopes) Neptune 3.8 30.0 big marble 2.1 1.9 km (The Pitt) Pluto 0.18 40 bb 0.1 2.6 km (airport) Eris 0.24 68 bb 0.1 4.5 km (end of runway)
8A 10.40 - Martian Atmosphere
8A 10.40 - Martian Atmosphere
Demonstrates: The atmosphere of Mars and how it differs from that of Earth. Also demonstrates hases of matter. Description: Obtain about 1 pound of dry ice (carbon dioxide) in pellet form, a plastic bottle, and some balloons.
Description: Obtain about 1 pound of dry ice (carbon dioxide) in pellet form, a plastic bottle, and some balloons
8A 10.80 - Celestial Sphere Model
Demonstrates: The concept of the celestial sphere.
Description: A celestial globe with Earth at the center. Get this from the Astro Labs.