Director - Greg Taylor
Associate Director - Ylva Pihlström


Rouzbeh Allahverdi
Darcy Barron
Francis-Yan Cyr-Racine
Diana Dragomir
Huaiyu (Mike) Duan
P.A. (Trish) Henning
Dinesh Loomba
Ylva Pihlström
Richard J. Rand
Gregory Taylor

Associate Members:

Hèlène Dickel
John Dickel
Jayce Dowell
Jess Dowell
Namir Kassim
Frank Schinzel
Lorant Sjouwerman
Kevin Stovall
Ken Obenberger
Stephen White

The Center for Astrophysical Research and Technologies supports the construction and operations of the Long Wavelength Array (LWA), a powerful facility instrument for research in astrophysics, space weather, and ionospheric physics. The LWA provides access to the US and international scientific communities to observe in the frequency range from 3-90 MHz, the lowest part of the electromagnetic spectrum visible from the Earth's surface. CART also supports other research at UNM including work with NRAO's VLA and VLBA telescopes and planning for the next generation VLA (ngVLA).

The main research strength of the CART is in extragalactic astronomy, expecially at radio wavelengths. We also have a strong effort in studies of the cosmic microwave background, the Milky Way Galaxy, and exoplanets. Another primary goal for CART is to provide students with hands-on instrumentation development experience. This includes both work in the laboratory and in the field.

You might want to look at the links to the undergraduate and graduate programs pages of the Department of Physics and Astronomy (PandA). We offer astronomically related degrees such as: Ph.D. in physics with a concentration in astrophysics, B.S. in astrophysics, and a B.A. in physics and astronomy.

As a popular outreach program, we have open houses at the UNM Campus Observatory (every clear Friday night when the University is in session. Note also that many of the Friday colloquia in PandA are astrophysically related.


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