SQuInT 2021 Program

Friday 10/15 Program

SESSION 4: Talks at Zoom

10:00am-10:30amVladan Vuletić (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Entangled optical atomic clock
10:30am-10:50amJacob Bringewatt (University of Maryland Joint Quantum Institute), Timothy Qian, Igor Boettcher, Przemyslaw Bienias, Pradeep Niroula, Alexey V. Gorshkov
Measuring Functions with Quantum Sensor Networks
10:50am-11:10amDiego Barberena (University of Colorado JILA), Kevin Gilmore, Matthew Affolter, Robert J. Lewis-Swan, Elena Jordan, Ana Maria Rey, John J. Bollinger
Quantum-enhanced sensing of displacements and electric fields with large trapped-ion crystals
11:10am-11:30amChenxu Liu (Virginia Tech), Edwin Barnes, Sophia Economou
Protocols for robust generation of microwave photonic graph states from superconducting qubits
11:30am-11:50amXiaoyue Jin (National Institute of Standards and Technology, Boulder), S. Kotler, F. Lecocq, K. Cicak, J. Teufel, J. Aumentado, and R. Simmonds
A versatile parametric coupler between two transmon qubits

SESSION 5: Posters and mingling at Gather.town

12:00pm-2:00pmPoster Session

SESSION 6: Talks at Zoom

2:00pm-2:30pmHeather Lewandowski (University of Colorado Boulder)
Preparing to enter the quantum workforce
2:30pm-2:50pmSepehr Nezami (California Institute of Technology)
Permanent of random matrices from representation theory: moments, numerics, concentration, and comments on hardness of boson-sampling
2:50pm-3:10pmHolly Tinkey (Georgia Institute of Technology), Kenton Brown, Craig Clark, Brian Sawyer
Experimental demonstration of a transport-enabled entangling gate on trapped ions
3:10pm-3:30pmArshag Danageozian (Louisiana State University), Francesco Buscemi, Mark M. Wilde
Efficiency-Fidelity Trade-off in a Quantum Error Correcting Engine
3:30pm-3:50pmQian Yu (University of California Berkeley), Clemens Matthiesen, Timothy Guo, Alberto Alonso, Kristin Beck, Robert Tyler Sutherland, Dietrich Leibfried, Jackie Caminiti, Kayla Rodriguez, Madhav Dhital, Boerge Hemmerling, Hartmut Häffner
Towards a trapped electron quantum computer

SESSION 7: Happy hour at Gather.town

3:50pm-5:00pmHappy Hour

SQuInT Chief Organizer
Akimasa Miyake, Associate Professor

SQuInT Co-Organizer
Brian Smith, Associate Professor

SQuInT Local Organizers
Philip Blocher, Postdoc
Pablo Poggi, Research Assistant Professor
Tzula Propp, Postdoc
Jun Takahashi, Postdoc
Cunlu Zhou, Postdoc

SQuInT Founder
Ivan Deutsch, Regents' Professor, CQuIC Director

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