Poster Boards

Oral Presentations

Oral presentations will be held via Zoom webinar over 30 or 20 minutes for an invited talk or a contributed talk respectively, including Q&A. Presenters should prepare slides in advance, but do not need to submit those prior to the worskhop.

Poster Presentations

Poster presentations will be held via Gather, where participants can move around as avatars in a cute 2D virtual space. You can familiarize yourself with the service from The SQuInT 2021 map will be open to enter during October 14-15.

All posters are presented during both poster sessions over two days. Presenters should send the following two items to by Monday October 11 with the subject line "SQuInT poster [poster number in the program] [family name of presenter]":

1. Poster

It should be a single page PNG file with at least 1000px for the width, at least 600px for the height, and max 3MB in size. Transparent backgrounds on posters should have a white background added behind them, to avoid a black background which is default at Gather.

We recommend using 27cm(w) x 16cm(h).The poster would be viewed from PC screens of others, so it is best if it fits the average screen size (so the pre-covid A0 standard size is not recommended although not impossible). 

2. Small preview image

This is typically clipping the title box of the poster, which appears as a small "pop-up" on the screen when participants approach close to the poster. We recommend 13.5cm (w) x 4cm (h) to fit the screen/pop-up nicely, but is not mandatory. 

SQuInT Chief Organizer
Akimasa Miyake, Associate Professor

SQuInT Co-Organizer
Brian Smith, Associate Professor

SQuInT Local Organizers
Philip Blocher, Postdoc
Pablo Poggi, Research Assistant Professor
Tzula Propp, Postdoc
Jun Takahashi, Postdoc
Cunlu Zhou, Postdoc

SQuInT Founder
Ivan Deutsch, Regents' Professor, CQuIC Director

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