Quantum simulation with coherent engineering of synthetic dimensions

Presenting Author: Paola Cappellaro, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The high controllability of engineered qubit systems can be leveraged to explore exotic condensed matter systems by simulating synthetic topological phases of matters. Observation of novel effects can be achieved even in small quantum systems by exploiting their periodic driving, which can mimic the properties of spatially periodic materials and elucidate their symmetry and topological features. Two challenges have so-far prevented such exploration, the lack of an experimentally accessible characterization protocol and of strong-enough driving fields. Here I'll show how to overcome both challenges to achieve the first experimental study of dynamical symmetries and the observation of symmetry-protected selection rules -- and their breaking. I will further show how these methods can be used to synthesize and characterize a tensor monopole in the 4D parameter space described by the spin degrees of freedom of a single solid-state defect in diamond. These results demonstrate the power of coherent control and Floquet engineering for quantum simulation.

(Session 1 : Thursday from 10:00am-10:30am)


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