Experimental demonstration of a transport-enabled entangling gate on trapped ions

Presenting Author: Holly Tinkey, Georgia Institute of Technology
Contributing Author(s): Kenton Brown, Craig Clark, Brian Sawyer

We perform a two-qubit entangling Molmer-Sorensen gate by transporting two co-trapped 40Ca+ ions in a linear surface Paul trap through a stationary, bichromatic laser beam. We measure the Doppler shift of the ions during different segments of transport and observe variations in the ion velocity. We correct for these variations using modifications to the temporal interpolation of the moving trap potential (waveform). We compensate for time-dependent ac Stark shifts during transport with two approaches: the first is a static frequency offset applied to both beam tones, ad the second involves dynamic adjustments of the transport waveform to counter the Stark shift with a variable Doppler shift. We compare the performance of these gates to those realized in stationary potentials. This experiment demonstrates the potential of actively integrating transport into quantum information operations.

(Session 6 : Friday from 2:50pm-3:10pm)


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