Monday Program

7:30am - 8:30am Breakfast -- Oneill/Williams

SESSION 10: Neutral atoms

Chair: Poul Jessen (University of Arizona)
8:30am - 9:15amMark Saffman (University of Wisconsin-Madison) (invited)
Scalable quantum computing with neutral atoms
9:15am - 9:45amHikaru Tamura (University of Michigan), Huy Nguyen, Paul Berman, Alex Kuzmich
Phase-matched scattering from a reconfigurable array of trapped neutral atoms
9:45am - 10:15amAnupam Mitra (University of New Mexico CQuIC), Michael J. Martin, Grant W. Biedermann, Alberto M. Marino, Pablo M. Poggi, Ivan H. Deutsch
Generation of high-fidelity Molmer-Sorenson interactions between neutral atoms using adiabatic Rydberg dressing
10:15am - 10:45amBreak -- Playwright's Conference Center Lobby

SESSION 11: Quantum optics

Chair: Steven van Enk (University of Oregon)
10:45am - 11:15amTiemo Landes (University of Oregon), Amr Tamimi, Jonathan Lavoie, Michael Raymer, Brian Smith, Andrew Marcus
Two-photon Fourier transform spectroscopy
11:15am - 11:45amDileep Reddy (National Institute of Standards and Technology, Boulder; University of Colorado, Boulder), Jeff Chiles, Sonia M. Buckley, Adriana E. Lita, Varun B. Verma, Sae Woo Nam, Richard P. Mirin
Micron-scale superconducting wires for polarization insensitive, near-unity efficiency single-photon detection
11:45pm - 1:15pmLunch Buffet -- Oneill/Williams

SESSION 12: Quantum error correction and fault tolerance

Chair: Andrew Landahl (Sandia)
1:15pm - 2:00pmBenjamin Brown (University of Sydney) (invited)
Advances in surface code quantum computation
2:00pm - 2:30pmVadym Kliuchnikov (Microsoft Research), Michael Beverland, Earl Campbell, Mark Howard
Lower bounds on the non-Clifford resources for quantum computations
2:30pm - 3:00pmBreak -- Playwright's Conference Center Lobby

SESSION 13: Ions for quantum computing and simulation

Chair: Hartmut Haeffner (University of California, Berkeley)
3:00pm - 3:30pmRoee Ozeri (Weizmann Institute of Science), Ravid Shaniv, Tom Manovitz, Nitzan Akerman, Lee Peleg, Lior Gazit, Yotam Shapira and Ady Stern
Theory of robust multi-qubit non-adiabatic gates for trapped-ions
3:30pm - 4:00pmRaghavendra Srinivas (National Institute of Standards and Technology, Boulder), Shaun Burd, Robert Sutherland, Hannah Knaack, Dietrich Leibfried, David Wineland, Andrew Wilson, David Allcock, Daniel Slichter
Laser-free trapped-ion entangling gates
4:00pm - 4:30pmCraig Hogle (Sandia National Laboratories), Peter Maunz, Jaimie S. Stephens, Kevin Young, Robin Blume-Kohout, Daniel Stick, Susan M. Clark
Logical cooling for robust analogue quantum simulation
4:30pm - 5:00pmCrystal Noel (University of Maryland Joint Quantum Institute), Laird Egan, Marko Cetina, Michael Goldman, Andrew Risinger, Daiwei Zhu, Debopriyo Biswas, and Christopher Monroe
A universal quantum computer based on long chains of ions
5:00pm - 5:15pmBreak -- Playwright's Conference Center Lobby

SESSION 14: Engineering and venture company for quantum computers

Chair: David Wineland (University of Oregon)
5:15pm - 6:00pmJungsang Kim (Duke University) (invited)
Engineering a practical quantum computer

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