Tunneling and entanglement oscillation dynamics in the (few) many-body kicked top

Presenting Author: Noah Pinkney, Carleton College
Contributing Author(s): Alex Kiral, Sudheesh Srivastava, and Arjendu K Pattanayak

Initially pure coherent spin states evolving in a many-body spin system behaving collectively as a quantum kicked top become periodically highly entangled before recohering — this is arguably generalized tunneling. We present techniques for determining the existence of such tunneling using measures of localization and linear entropy given an initial coherent state. We explore these dynamics in detail and in particular show that the locations of boundaries between different tunneling regimes reflect phase space structures (visualized through the Husimi representations) arising from symmetries of the kicked top Hamiltonian but are not directly connected to classical chaos. We apply spectral techniques to determine rates of tunneling as well as to explore the slowing of entanglement oscillations at specific values of a dynamical parameter. Our analysis thus expands upon prior work in many-body entanglement while clarifying the correlation between the structures of classical chaotic systems in phase space and our non-classical dynamics.

(Session 5 : Saturday from 5:00pm - 7:00pm)


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