Laser-free trapped-ion entangling gates with simultaneous insensitivity to qubit and motional decoherence

Presenting Author: R. T. (Tyler) Sutherland, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Contributing Author(s): Raghu Srinivas, Shaun Burd, Hannah Knaack, Andrew Wilson, David Wineland, Dietrich Leibfried, David Allcock, Daniel Slichter, Stephen Libby

Dominant error sources for state-of-the-art laser-free trapped-ion entangling gates are decoherence of the qubit state and motion. The effect of these decoherence mechanisms can be suppressed with additional control fields, or through other techniques that reduce gate speed. Here, we propose using a near-motional-frequency magnetic field gradient to make a laser-free gate that is simultaneously resilient to both types of decoherence, does not require additional control fields, and has a relatively smaller cost in gate speed.

Read this article online: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1910.14178.pdf

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