Quantum simulation of p-spin models using continuous measurements and feedback

Presenting Author: Manuel Munoz-Arias, University of New Mexico CQuIC
Contributing Author(s): Karthik Chinni, Tameem Albash, Pablo Poggi, Poul Jessen, Ivan Deutsch

Ferromagnetic p-spin models, which describe the collective dynamics of systems of spin-1/2 particles under p-body interactions, have attracted attention recently as a useful system for studying the performance of quantum annealing [1,2]. In this context, different values of p imply different levels of complexity for finding the ground state of the system via adiabatic evolution. In this work we use a scheme involving continuous quantum measurements of the collective spin of a system of spin-1/2 particles and a simple feedback loop, to realize quantum simulations of the dynamics of mean-field p-spin models [3]. This allows us to investigate how the intrinsic stochasticity of the quantum measurement induces spontaneous symmetry breaking for different values of p. Furthermore, we use measurement-based feedback to explore protocols for extracting the location of critical point from the quantum dynamics. Finally, we study the nonlinear dynamics, both regular and chaotic, emerging in the case of a kicked p-spin model, and present a realization of their dynamics within the scope of our measurement and feedback scheme [1] T. Jörg, et.al., 2010 EPL 89, 40004 [2] S. Matsuura, et.al. PRA 95, 022308 (2017) [3] M. Muñoz-Arias, P. Poggi, P. Jessen, I. Deutsch, arXiv:1907.12606

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