Theory of robust multi-qubit non-adiabatic gates for trapped-ions

Presenting Author: Roee Ozeri, Weizmann Institute of Science
Contributing Author(s): Ravid Shaniv, Tom Manovitz, Nitzan Akerman, Lee Peleg, Lior Gazit, Yotam Shapira and Ady Stern

Entanglement gates are essential building blocks of quantum computers. Such two-qubit gates have been demonstrated in trapped-ions systems with outstanding fidelities. However retaining the gate’s performance in a large qubit register remains a major challenge in the realization of a quantum computer. Here we propose and investigate multi-qubit entanglement gates for trapped-ions in ion-chain configurations. Our gates purposefully utilize all the normal-modes of motion of the ion-chain allowing for the operation of our gates outside of the adiabatic regime. The coupling to the different normal-modes of motion is used to form all-to-all entangling gates, e.g gates that rotate the ground state to a GHZ state, and to generate spin-Hamiltonian interactions such as nearest-neighbor Ising model or the Su-Schriefer-Heeger topological Hamiltonian. Our gates use a multi-tone laser field, which couples uniformly to all ions, i.e there is no need to individually address the different ions. Thus, our method is simple to implement and natural to most trapped-ion architectures. Furthermore, we endow our gate with robustness properties, which make them resilient to various sources of system noise and imperfections.

Read this article online: http://arxiv.org/abs/1911.03073

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