Sampling complexity of interacting bosonic random walkers on a lattice

Presenting Author: Gopikrishnan Muraleedharan, University of New Mexico CQuIC
Contributing Author(s): Adrian Chapman, Sayonee Ray, Akimasa Miyake, Ivan Deutsch

A central goal for modern quantum information science is to demonstrate computational speedup for experimentally feasible architectures in the noisy intermediate-scale regime. In a previous work, we studied this problem in the context of simulating boson sampling by noninteracting bosonic atoms on a one-dimensional lattice [1]. We extend these results to include Bose-Hubbard-type interactions. In the presence of weak interactions, we show that the output-sampling distribution is close to that of a free-boson sampler in the total variational distance. We calculate the scaling of the interaction-strength such that this total variational distance is bounded by a constant, demonstrating a regime where the sampling complexity is equivalent to that of the corresponding boson sampler. Finally, we consider the possibility of applying worst-to-average-case reduction tools to extend these results beyond the perturbative regime. [1] G. Muraleedharan et al. NJP, 21(5), 055003.

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