Single molecule magnets for spintronics and quantum information processing

Presenting Author: Richard Escalante, Universidad Catolica de Chile
Contributing Author(s): Enrique Rodriguez, Ivan Gonzalez, Eduardo Ortega, Thomas Moller, Pablo Fuentealba, Jeronimo Maze

We are investigating single molecule magnets to see if we can manipulate and detect their spin by monitoring their luminescence. This is similar to the nitrogen vacancy center defect in diamond, which can be thought of as an artificial molecule. We would like to find a single molecule which exhibits similar behavior. The other line of work we would like to take is use the NV center as a means of detecting molecules which do not exhibit this spin dependent luminescence. This would be done by measuring the longitudinal relaxation rate of the NV in the presence of these molecules while under an externally applied magnetic field. This relaxation would increase when the energy transitions in the molecule and NV are on resonance from the Zeeman splitting.

(Session 5 : Saturday from 5:00pm - 7:00pm)


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