Plasmonic-assisted ultrabright and fast emission of SiV in diamond for quantum applications

Presenting Author: Shuo Li, Stanford University
Contributing Author(s): Alison Rugar, Dan Kohler, Shuo Sun, Zachary Jones, Jelena Vučković, Nicholas Melosh, Robert Hamers

Color centers in diamond are promising candidates for emerging quantum sensing and quantum information processing applications due to their exceptional properties. Coupling diamond color centers with metal plasmonic nanostructures is reported to enhance the optical properties of color centers effectively, but the plasmonic metal structures of previous studies are vulnerable to the environment, making the diamond-metal system unstable. Here, we demonstrate a novel and highly-tunable structure of Ag nanospheres coated with a layer of diamond containing SiV centers. The Ag, protected by the stable diamond shell, enhances the emission rate and brightness of SiV in diamond drastically. The structure also shows great stability to extreme corrosive and high-temperature conditions, which is promising for applications in ultrabright quantum sensing and high-efficiency magnetometry.

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