Metastable qubits in trapped Calcium-43 ions

Presenting Author: Isam Moore, University of Oregon
Contributing Author(s): Alexander Quinn, Jeremy Metzner, Vikram Sandhu, David Wineland, David Allcock

While all of the basic primitives required for universal quantum computing (QC) have been demonstrated in trapped-ion qubits with high fidelity, it is currently not possible to simultaneously realize the highest achieved fidelities in a single ion species. This can be a serious impediment to the development of practical quantum computers. However, there are possibilities for achieving high-fidelity and full functionality in a single species with the use of multiple internal levels: augmenting existing species with new functionality. Specifically, essential dual-species capabilities can be developed in the Calcium-43+ ion through novel encoding schemes in metastable states, allowing user-selectable, ion-specific activation of the necessary functions on demand (e.g. storage, coupling to motion, cooling, and state preparation and measurement). I will present simulation results and progress towards experimental implementation of high-fidelity preparation and readout procedures in metastable states of Calcium-43+.

(Session : from 5:00pm - 7:00pm)


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