Maximally entangled bases for two four-state particles: Inequivalence under local operations

Presenting Author: Anna Barth, Harvey Mudd College
Contributing Author(s): Cathy Chang, Theresa Lynn

We investigate different sets of maximally entangled states and their equivalence or inequivalence under local operations. In particular, we focus on two maximally entangled bases for the space of two 4-dimensional particles. One basis is the d=4 qudit Bell basis; the other is the d=2 by d=2 hyperentangled Bell basis. We have shown that local operations cannot transform the complete set of 16 d=4 Bell states to the set of 16 2-by-2 hyperentangled Bell states. Because it is known that an LELM device can reliably distinguish 7 and no more than 7 of the 2-by-2 hyperentangled Bell states, but the equivalent problem has not been solved in the d=4 Bell basis, we seek to determine whether local operations can take a set of 7 d=4 Bell states to 7 distinguishable 2-by-2 hyperentangled Bell states.

(Session 5 : Saturday from 5:00pm - 7:00pm)


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