Photonic quantum computing

Presenting Author: Mercedes Gimeno-Segovia, PsiQuantum Corp.

Photons make great qubits, they are cheap to produce, resilient to noise and the only known option for quantum communication. The two main traditional arguments against a fully linear-optical quantum computing architecture have been the lack of deterministic photonic entangling gates and the predisposition of photons to loss. However, a number of theoretical breakthroughs have made these arguments loose strength, while implementations in silicon photonics have opened the door to manufacturability at large scale. In this talk, I will describe an architecture for fault tolerant quantum computing based on linear optics, in the process I will explain how measurement-induced non-linearity can overcome the challenge of creating entanglement and how loss can be tackled with well-known error correcting codes.

(Session 3 : Sunday from 1:30pm - 2:15pm)


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