Entangled-state measurements based on mode-resolved two-photon sum-frequency generation

Presenting Author: Sofiane Merkouche, University of Oregon
Contributing Author(s): Brian J. Smith

Projective measurements onto entangled quantum states (commonly referred to as "entangled measurements") are an essential tool for many quantum information processing applications, for example quantum repeaters and quantum-state teleportation. The most well-studied such measurement is the Bell-state measurement for two qubits. Here, we introduce a two-photon multi-mode entangled-state measurement scheme based upon sum-frequency generation (SFG) followed by mode-resolved single-photon detection. We show that the mode-resolved detection of the output of a two-photon SFG process acts as a projective measurement onto the two-photon entangled state produced by the time-reversed parametric downconversion process in the perturbative limit. We analyze the applicability of such a measurement both for temporal- and spatial-mode entanglement, and show how this can be exploited for high-dimensional quantum teleportation, entanglement swapping, and quantum illumination.

(Session 4 : Sunday from 4:15pm - 4:45pm)


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