Towards spin-squeezed matter-wave interferometry

Presenting Author: Baochen Wu, University of Colorado JILA
Contributing Author(s): Graham P. Greve Chengyi Luo James K. Thompson

Quantum entanglement permits the creation of spin-squeezed states where the fundamental quantum noise of one atom can be partially cancelled by another atom. Spin-squeezed states are particularly promising for enhancing precision measurements beyond the standard quantum limit for unentangled atoms. We have previously demonstrated 18 dB of squeezing (Cox et al, PRL, 116, 093602) with cavity-assisted non-demolition measurements in 87Rb atoms. Here we present our recent efforts towards building an intracavity, guided matter-wave interferometer in which spin-squeezing will be mapped to momentum states. This could help pave the way for better determinations of fundamental constants, more precise inertial sensors, and enhanced searches for dark matter.

(Session 10 : Tuesday from 9:15am - 9:45am)


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