Quantum simulation of fermions: geometric locality and error mitigation

Presenting Author: Zhang Jiang, Google
Contributing Author(s): Jarrod McClean, Ryan Babbush, Hartmut Neven

We consider mappings from fermionic systems to spin systems that preserve geometric locality in more than one spatial dimension. They are useful to simulating lattice fermionic systems on a quantum computer, e.g., the Hubbard model. Locality-preserving mappings avoid the large overhead associated with the nonlocal parity terms in conventional mappings, such as the Jordan-Wigner transformation. As a result, they often provide solutions with much lower circuit depths. Here, we construct locality-preserving mappings that can also detect/correct single-qubit errors without introducing extra physical qubits beyond those required by the original mappings. We discuss error mitigation strategies based on these encodings for quantum algorithms such as the variational quantum eigensolver.

(Session 9b : Monday from 4:45pm - 5:15pm)


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