Information for Delegates

The conference office is located in the Sandia Room on the Upper Level of the Student Union Building (SUB).

Desktop computers are available for use by conference delegates in the Lobo Computer Lab on the Plaza Level of the SUB. Bypass the line of students waiting to enter the Lobo Computer Lab and head for the glass-enclosed room in the southeast corner of the lab. Login using the netid and passcode in your registration packet. (Do NOT change the passcode!) The Lobo Computer Lab is open Monday-Thursday 8:30am - 6pm and Friday 8:30am - 5pm. It is not open on the weekend. If you need to print something, please see the assistant at the desk in the main part of the Lobo Computer Lab.

Conference delegates can connect to the SUB wireless network using the following procedure: Choose Lobo-Wifi as your wireless network. Open a browser. It will prompt you to download a policy key. Enter the netid and passcode in your registration packet. (Do NOT change the passcode!) Open the zip file containing the policy key. (Mac users must have StuffIt.) Run the policy installer contained in the zip file, which will guide you through the installation. It may require you to enter your administrator password for your local computer. Close and reopen the browser. There are nine additional guest ID's available in case you encounter problems with yours; these are listed in the registration packet.

Buses will leave for the conference banquet at 6:45pm on Friday, October 2, from Redondo Road across from the UNM bookstore. Buses will return you from the banquet directly to your hotel at 10pm that evening. No buses will return from the banquet to campus.

The reception will take place at 6pm on Tuesday, September 29 in the Maxwell Museum (number 11 on the University of New Mexico General Campus Map for Visitors in your registration packet), the Hibben Center (number 15), and the campus grounds between. Food will be served at the Hibben. Beverages will be served in the Maxwell garden. Due to campus restrictions, you will not be served any wine or beer unless you present a ticket (2 tickets are included in your registration packet) and are wearing your conference badge. Badge-wearers can additionally request non-alcoholic beverages without tickets. We cannot deviate from these rules, the beverage vendor cannot accept cash, and we cannot print extra tickets, so please do not misplace your tickets or your (or your companion's) badge.

Delegates bringing their own cars to the conference can park in the Visitor Parking Structure, number 198 on the University of New Mexico General Campus Map for Visitors.

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