Physics 160, Spring 2013

Émilie du Châtelet

Professor: Dr. Mark Morgan-Tracy

Email: mtracy@unm.edu

Meets: MWF, 11:00-11:50 in Regener Hall 103

Office Hours:

Wednesday 1:00-5:00, Regener Hall 109

Friday 1:00-3:30, Regener Hall 114

Thursday 1:00-5:00, Physics and Astronomy Building 11

 Welcome to the webpage for Physics 160, the first semester of calculus-based physics.  This term we will be studying the basics of motion as well as teaching you the skills needed to ensure success in future physics courses and maybe even life!  Lecture notes, homework, and exam solutions will be posted as they become available, so please check back often.  If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact me. 


 For all things grade/course requirement related, please re-read the syllabus which is available here: syllabus160.pdf.


 Reading Assignments:

Here are the links for the reading assignments given by date.   Online reading quizzes will be given on mastering physics and are due by 11:59PM the evening before class.   Once you begin, you have 30 minutes to finish your quiz.

011613.pdf 012313.pdf 012813.pdf 020113.pdf 020413.pdf
021513.pdf 021813.pdf 022013.pdf 022213.pdf 022513.pdf
030413.pdf 030613.pdf 031813.pdf 032013.pdf 032513.pdf
032713.pdf 032913.pdf 040513.pdf 040813.pdf 041213.pdf
041713.pdf 041913.pdf      




To see what was covered on a particular day and to find solutions to clicker quizzes, here are the slides.

01-16-13.pdf 01-18-13.pdf 01-23-13.pdf 01-25-13.pdf 01-28-13.pdf
01-30-13Examples.pdf 01-30-13.pdf 02-01-13.pdf 02-04-13.pdf 02-06-13.pdf
02-08-13.pdf 02-11-13.pdf 02-15-13.pdf 02-18-13.pdf 02-20-13.pdf
02-22-13.pdf 02-25-13.pdf 02-27-13.pdf 03-01-13.pdf 03-04-13.pdf
03-06-13.pdf 03-18-13.pdf 03-20-13.pdf 03-22-13.pdf 03-25-13.pdf
03-27-13.pdf 03-29-13.pdf 04-01-13.pdf 04-05-13.pdf 04-08-13.pdf
04-10-13.pdf 04-12-13.pdf 04-15-13.pdf 04-17-13.pdf 04-19-13.pdf
04-22-13.pdf 04-24-13.pdf 04-29-13.pdf 05-01-13.pdf 05-03-13.pdf



Here’s where you can find the links for our Physics 160 class’s Podcasts.   There are two ways for you to get your hands on the podcasts.   You can either subscribe to the podcasts through Itunes or listen to the files directly.

To subscribe, simply follow or paste into a non-google Chrome browser the link below.   After you are subscribed, you’ll need to hit “refresh” in Itunes in order to see all of the podcasts:     itpc://panda.unm.edu/Courses/morgan-tracy/160/phys160.xml

If you are a non-Itunes lover, you can simply listen to each lecture by following the links below.   (Notice that each file name contains the date, so you can figure out which lecture you’re looking for.)

160-011613.mp3 160-011813.mp3 160-012313.mp3 160-012513.mp3 160-012813.mp3
160-013013.mp3 160-020113.mp3 160-020413.mp3 160-020613.mp3 160-020813.mp3
160-021113.mp3 160-021513.mp3 160-021813.mp3 160-022013.mp3 160-022213.mp3
160-022513.mp3 160-022713.mp3 160-030113.mp3 160-030413.mp3 160-030613.mp3
160-031813.mp3 160-032013.mp3 160-032213.mp3 160-032513.mp3 160-032713.mp3
160-032913.mp3 160-040113.mp3 160-040513.mp3 160-040813.mp3 160-041013.mp3
160-041213.mp3 160-041513.mp3 160-041713.mp3 160-041913.mp3 160-042213.mp3
160-042413.mp3 160-042913.mp3 160-050113.mp3 160-050313.mp3  


Extra Credit:

Solutions for the extra credit problems are organized by their corresponding lecture date.

01-18-13EC.pdf 01-23-13EC.pdf 01-25-13EC.pdf 01-28-13EC.pdf 01-30-13EC.pdf 02-01-13EC.pdf
02-04-13EC.pdf 02-06-13EC.pdf 02-15-13EC.pdf 02-18-13EC.pdf 02-20-13EC.pdf 02-22-13EC.pdf
02-25-13EC.pdf 02-27-13EC.pdf 03-01-13EC.pdf 03-18-13EC.pdf 03-20-13EC.pdf 03-22-13EC.pdf
03-25-13EC.pdf 03-27-13EC.pdf 04-05-13EC.pdf 04-08-13EC.pdf 04-10-13EC.pdf 04-12-13EC.pdf
04-15-13EC.pdf 04-17-13EC.pdf 04-29-13EC.pdf 05-01-13EC.pdf    



View the file below for the Mastering Physics and written homework assignments. Homework solutions will be posted shortly before the exams.  Find your homework box number here.

160HWAssignments-5-3.pdf Final Homework #11 now available.

HW02.pdf HW03.pdf HW04.pdf HW05.pdf HW06.pdf HW07.pdf
HW08.pdf HW09.pdf HW10.pdf HW11.pdf    


Practice Exams:

Exam1.pdf Exam1-Soln.pdf Exam2.pdf Exam2-Soln.pdf Exam3.pdf Exam3-Soln.pdf
Exam4.pdf Exam4-Soln.pdf FinalExam.pdf FinalExam-Soln.pdf  


Exam Solutions:

Exam1-Blue Exam1-Green Exam1-Yellow Exam2-Green/Blue Exam2-Yellow  
Exam3-Blue Exam3-Pink Exam3-Yellow Exam4-Blue Exam4-Green Exam4-Yellow
FinalExam-Blue FinalExam-Green FinalExam-Yellow