James L. Thomas
Associate Professor, Associate Chair of Graduate Studies
Email: jthomas@unm.edu
Office: PAIS 2230
Phone: 505-235-7321

Physics 303 - Dr. Thomas

Analytical Mechanics I

Physics 303 Analytical Mechanics
Prof. James L. Thomas
MWF 10-10:50 Physics and Astronomy Room 184

Required Textbook

Classical Dynamics of Particles and Systems, Thonton and Marion

Problems Session

W 12-12:50, room 184
(Please feel free to attend even if you didn't sign up for it!)

Course TAs:

Mastering Physics

Try to log in to Mastering using your existing name and password. If your access has expired, email me.

You need to take and pass 4 quizzes on Freshman mechanics to earn a C or better in this class.
Good news: you can take each quiz as often as you need to.
Bad news: "passing" = perfect.

Log in to Mastering Physics and do the practice problem sets. The quiz will be one of those questions, chosen at random. (If you repeat the quiz, you will likely get a different question.) Numbers in the problems are randomized.