Mousumi Roy
Office: PAIS 2558
Phone: 505-277-2616

Introduction to Geophysics - Spring 2017 - Dr. Roy

Course Information

Lectures are on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11:00-12:15 pm, PandA Rm 5

Animations and External Links

The plate tectonics animations I will show throughout the semester are mostly from the excellent visualizations created by Prof. Tanya Atwater at the University of California, Santa Barbara.  They may be viewed online via the link below:

Tanya Atwater's animations at UC Santa Barbara

You may also download and view the seismic wave propagation animations from calcuations on a supercomputer:

Seismic wave propagation movies from Univ. of Utah

The website from which you can download the global tectonic maps that I show in class (with the beachball-like EQ focal mechanisms) is this ftp site from which you can download the global.tiff.gz file

Introductory and background material (first lecture)

The background material on plate tectonics and Earth structure may be found in any introductory textbook on geology. If you wish, you may borrow one from me - I have a large collection of these. The slides shown in my early lectures are available below as a pdf file

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I will be posting Handouts and Matlab code snippets here