PHYSICS 1320 (Previously PHYSICS 161): General Physics II

Prof. David Dunlap
Office: PAIS 2530

Description of the class

In this class we will concern ourselves with laws of physics that were discovered/formulated in the 1800's, and stand among the greatest achievements in natural philosophy in our modern age: thermodynamics and electromagnetism.


Grades have been entered and should become visible tonight (5/13)

Textbook Readings: Parts of Chapter 31. See instructions in Hmwk 14.


Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 10:00-10:50.


Wednesday, 3:00-3:50.


For thermodynamics we will follow class lecture notes which will be posted here:

Lecture 1

Lecture 2

Lecture 3.

Lecture 4.

Lecture 5.

Lecture 6.

Lecture 7.

Lecture 8.

Lecture 9.

Lecture 10.

Lecture 11.

For electromagnetism we will follow "University Physics" by Young and Freedman, chapters 21-31, 15th edition. (Any recent edition of the text, 12th, 13th, or 14th, will suffice.)

Office hours

Wednesday following recitation; 4:00-7:00 pm.

Homework and Exams

Homework: This will normally be assigned each Saturday, to be passed in at the beginning of class the following Friday. The semester homework total will be worth 20% of the overall grade. No late homework will be accepted, but your lowest score will be dropped from the average. Homework assignments will be posted here:

Gnuplot Graphing

Homework 1

Solutions to Homework 1

Homework 2

Solutions to Homework 2

Homework 3

Solutions to Homework 3

Homework 4

Solutions to Homework 4

Thermodynamics Flashcards

Practice for Thermodynamics

Solutions for Thermodynamics Practice

Old Thermodynamics Exam

Solutions to Old Thermodynamics Exam

Solutions to another old Exam 1

Solutions to this year's Exam 1

Homework 5

Solutions for Homework 5

Homework 6

Solutions for Homework 6

Notes on Work and Capacitance

Homework 7

Solutions for Homework 7

Homework 8 (and lecture notes)

Solutions for Homework 8

Paddling along a stream with high resistivity

Electrostatics Study Guide

Electrical Flashcards Part 1

Electrical Flashcards Part 2

Electrical Flashcards Part 3

Electrical Flashcards Part 4

Electrical Flashcards Part 5

Old Exam 2

Solutions for Old Exam 2

Older Exam 2 without solutions

Solutions for much older Exam 2

Solutions for Exam 2 (2022) VAA

Solutions for Exam 2 (2022) VBB

Solutions for Exam 2 (2022) VCC

Solutions for Exam 2 (2022) VDD

Solutions for Exam 2 (2023)

Homework 9

Solutions for Homework 9

Notes on Resistors in Series and Parallel

Homework 10

Solutions for Homework 10

Notes on Magnetization of Materials

Homework 11

Solutions for Homework 11

Notes on Faraday's Law 1

Notes on Faraday's Law 2

Homework 12

Solutions for Homework 12

Partial List of topics for Exam 3

New flashcards for Exam 3 Part 1

Old flashcards for Exam 3 Part 2

Old flashcards for Exam 3 Part 3

Old flashcards for Exam 3 Part 4

Example of an Exam 3 from a different year

Solutions to Old Exam 3

Exam 3 from 2012

Some old practice problems for Exam 3

Solutions to old practice problems for Exam 3

Solutions for Exam 3 from 2022

Solutions for Exam 3 from 2023

Homework 13

Solutions for Homework 13

Makeup Exam from 2015 (see solutions below for corrections)

Solutions to Makeup Exam from 2015

Solutions for Makeup Exam from 2020

Solutions to 2022 Makeup Exam

Solutions to 2023 Makeup Exam

Homework 14

Solutions for Homework 14

Solutions to the Final Exam 2020

Final Exam from 2016

Solutions to Final Exam from 2016

More Flashcards over RLC etc.

Solutions to last year's Final Exam

Solutions to this year's Final Exam

Exams: There will be 3 in-class exams during the semester, to be tentatively held on the following Mondays: Feb. 20, Mar. 27, and Apr. 24. Each of these exams will be worth 20% of the total course grade. The remaining 20% of the course grade will be based on the final exam, which will be on Friday, May. 12, from 7:30 am - 9:30 am. Please arrange your schedules in advance so that you will be available to take these exams.

An optional comprehensive makeup exam will be offered one time only, on Wed. evening, May 3, from 7:30-9:30 pm. You may substitute your score on this exam for your lowest score on any of the three regular in-class exams. This way you may compensate for having been absent for an exam. Please note, however, that there is no makeup for the final exam, nor is there a makeup date for the makeup exam.

Grades are based on percentages: A (90-100), B (80-89), C (70-79), D (60 - 69) F (<60).


The first 1/3 of class wil be thermodynamics. Second 2/3 of the class will be electromagetism.


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